What’s the Story?

Posted on November 20, 2018

IMG_3362“Once upon a time…”

We all know these words. Stories are very familiar to us as a way of conveying meaning. In this seminar, we explored how much we can learn from the stories we see playing out every day in our early childhood programs.  How can we gather meaning from the patterns of behavior that we see in children? Through the lens of reflective practice, what deeper patterns of thought or behavior might we find that are influencing us?

Research itself is a story.  We are using action research to draw out those aspects of our practice which we can study so that the teaching/learning process becomes more responsive to our surroundings and can even advance our understanding of teaching/learning across the field.

And, at our foundation, there are the stories of Jewish tradition. We considered how they challenge us to look for the values ultimately expressed by the complex interactions of our Sages and people in familiar stories, such as the history that gave rise to Hanukkah.

Where will our story go? Watch this space as we move toward the January Seminar!

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