How to Apply


To be eligible for this program you need to have acquired:

  • Experience working in a leadership position in a Jewish early childhood program for 5 years or fewer;  OR at least 3 years of early childhood teaching experience and interest in assuming a leadership position
  • A Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education or a related field
  • At least one course in the area of child development
  • A basic foundation level of Jewish learning (such as knowledge of the cycle of the holidays)
  • The ability to commit the time necessary to complete the program (see Costs and Commitments)

The Application Process

JECELI Chicago is now accepting applications for the Chicago Cohort. You can apply online at

Two important notes:

1. The application form has been revised to provide more room for submitting education and work experience.

2. The site that we have used for the application has been having some difficulties. If you attempt to get into the application and can’t do so, PLEASE CONTACT ME, Lyndall Miller, at I will put your name and email into a grid and send an alternate application to you as soon as possible.

Two references will also be required, one preferably from a current supervisor and a second from a colleague. Those forms will be provided when we receive your application.

For more information contact Lyndall Miller, JECELI Director, at .

The application deadline is December 14, 2015.

We hope that you find this opportunity compelling and will consider becoming a member of the JECELI participant community!

If you need assistance with this process, or need more information, contact us.