Program Structure

Basic Schedule

The new JECELI Chicago cohort will admit up to 24 participants, and includes 4 mentors who are studying together for 20 months, according to the following schedule:

  • A three day orientation retreat in late 2017
  • Four three day learning sessions (2018-2019) with educators and experts primarily from the Greater Chicago area as well as the JECELI staff
  • Intensive mentoring: individual, on-site and small group, on a monthly basis
  • Other events, such as community-wide learning days and JECELI celebrations

Specific times and locations will be posted on the Calendar page.

Learning Formats

A form of Torah study

JECELI offers the following learning experiences for participants throughout the program:

  • Jewish text study
  • Interactive seminars
  • Use of Appreciative Inquiry and the JECELI Core Capacities for assessment and self-directed learning
  • Individual and small group work with mentor
  • Development and implementation of a Leadership Project