About the Program

JECELI is founded on the premise that Jewish early childhood programs can have a powerful impact on the future of the Jewish community at large. Upon completion of the program, participants are expected to be able to:

  • Use concepts and content acquired through Jewish study to consistently inform their work
  • Model inquiry and reflective practice through observation, experimentation, and ongoing learning; and support these approaches in others
  • Engage in developing a shared program vision
  • Use leadership knowledge, skills, and protocols to develop expectations for the teaching and learning process for children and adults
  • Negotiate and manage complex relationships at all organizational levels in ways that create a collaborative program culture
  • Discover ways in which Israel education can inform the philosophy of the early childhood program
  • Make ongoing contributions to the field of Jewish early childhood education through the transfer and translation of learning in JECELI, and through advocacy.

Learn more about our areas of study and program structure.